Key Staff

Amanda Watkins
Office Manager /‘Super Mum’

Amanda’s voice will be your first point of contact with our company. She has been managing our office since our inception and her building knowledge, circumstance awareness and general calm, friendly demeanour has put many a stressed insurance client at ease.

As you are aware sometimes meeting a person for the first time who has accidentally burned their house down can be a difficult undertaking. Amanda has carried out this task on so many occasions that we now have a growing list of

greeting cards on our office wall who all thank her for her assistance during these troubled times. Her general building knowledge and people management skills astounds even some of our veteran tradesmen. ‘Unflapable in a crisis’ is virtue learned which may also aid her in her home life as a mother of twin girls, Charlie and Amelia.

The clean up of the blockwork and entire rectification by River City Renovations was some of the finest fire restoration work I have seen in a while.


Amanda is the first to admit that has been a whirlwind of fun and excitement. With the girls now in school she has a little more time to relax, knowing she has done all she can to enrich the twins’ lives whilst maintaining a tight grip on RCR’s management charter

Amanda runs our small office and handles the paperwork, contracts, payroll and accounting.

Amanda’s first love is her girls (and I hope her husband comes a close second), then followed by a true love of animals. She has two spoilt giant schnauzer dogs and one day hopes to realize her dream of presenting her daughters with a pony which I suspect will secretly be Amanda’s.

John Watkins
Director / Builder / Loving Father

John began his working life in the building industry as a 17 year old who was asked to assist a builder family friend who had fallen on hard times. This was introduced with the proviso John was taken under his wing and ‘shown the ropes’ of this enjoyable, sometimes difficult and always challenging career path. By his own admissions even he had no idea how much he would enjoy and learn throughout his long 30 year career. His energy and enthusiasm motivates our staff and his unwavering drive to complete every task he undertakes ‘better than before’ is contagious as he seems to surround himself with likeminded individuals.

Becoming a licenced carpenter and joiner then progressing on to becoming a registered builder, John believes he has found his place in society. He genuinely enjoys helping people either repair their homes and offices after an incident, or improving their valuable assets be that financial or lifestyle.

His recent building interests involve introducing Eco-sustainable practises into all aspects of RCR including design, recycling and of course energy efficiency. John’s attention to detail astounds any new client or assessor who has usually been recommended to RCR via a network of satisfied previous customers.

In addition to John’s expertise, experience and qualifications throughout the building industry criteria John is also qualified and experienced to inspect and provide detailed reports / scopes of works for damage situations such as fire, impact and flood.

John had a brief break from the industry to follow a professional rugby union career which saw him play at club level for his beloved ‘Brothers Rugby Union Club’ 185 first grade games (top ten in the historical clubs history). He played 9 Super 12 matches for the Queensland Reds, completed 2 seasons with a French first Division club playing in the run on side in every match he was contracted to and finally playing 1 season in Otago for the Highlanders starting as tight head prop in all matches that season.

His other lifelong passion is motorsport, more specifically motorbikes which he rides and restores as a hobby in his brief downtimes.