John's experience in the insurance repair industry actually began long before the inception of River City Renovations Pty Ltd. When John was in his mid 20's he started working for a builder who was interested in breaking into the insurance repair industry.

This young building company grew to become a regular on any given disaster zone or insurance specific event. John was given the opportunity to gain a tremendous amount of experience in all aspects of how a building company deals with the daily unpredictable challenges associated with the responsibility of an insurance repairer.

Whilst in the employ of this company John progressed over many years from being a carpenter to a leading hand, to becoming a supervisor and then finally to the position of the construction manager who oversaw 4 supervisors.

The company at the time of John's involvement was finalizing approximately 65 separate repair claims per month. He was taught how to deal with the insurance companies following their strict charter of customer service, also how to deal with clients from all walks of life and finally how to perform as a building professional in a clients home or office space.

RCR enjoy both a commercial and domestic charter and although we are happy to undertake all insurance requests, we feel that our successful proven track record, cost effective service and efficient, varied portfolio of work completed in past years has been extensive. Therefore having a mix of both commercial and some domestic projects is where we are most comfortable in the industry.

We provide a seamless service which is professional and all encompassing. Our quotations are and have always been returned within 24 to 48 hours upon receiving an invitation to quote, (pending your insured's availability).